Weight vs. Toxicity: What You Should Know!

(The following article was created by our friends at Detoxify, our #1 selling detox product manufacturer.) 


Detoxify is committed to educating the market (consumers and customers) with facts, not fluff.  There is a great deal of misinformation about the role played by weight in detox product performance, and we are partly to blame.  This is the whole truth…

The Background

After Ready Clean had been on the market for a year, we found that there were some people (including those on our staff) who were experiencing below average results.  We concluded that these people were highly toxic, and that they needed a more powerful product.  That need was the inspiration for Xxtra Clean.  It was the first extra strength product, and the first to use an herbal “activator” to improve performance.

We launched the product and it was a flop.  Customers didn’t see the need the way we did, and we had difficulty explaining what we meant by high toxicity without getting into details about consumers’ lives that we felt were private.

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After struggling for more than 3 months, we decided to simplify our message about high toxicity and Xxtra Clean’s positioning.  We picked weight as the simplest toxicity factor to communicate to retailers, and we picked 200 pounds as the cut-off.  We figured that a retailer could “eyeball” a consumer and determine if Xxtra Clean was the best option.  We called 200+ lbs “larger body mass” and we went back out to retailers with this simplified message.  They got it, and Xxtra Clean immediately took off.

It wasn’t long before most of our competitors had knocked us off.  And since they didn’t understand the thinking behind the weight cut-off, they reinforced what we later came to consider a flawed approach to differentiating the products.  The 200 lb cut-off was firmly cemented in the category.

When we began reworking the product packaging and formulas in 2009, we took the opportunity to finally return to the high-toxicity message after realizing that it wasn’t necessary to get into all of the details with a consumer.  We could simply ask the consumer, “Are you highly toxic?”, and if the answer was “Yes”, they needed Xxtra Clean, or our HTNT products (if they had no time for pre-cleansing) for best results.  No need for life stories or gory details.

XXClean by Detoxify is available in Wichita, Kansas at Detox DoctorThe Facts
That’s the story, here are the facts.

Weight is a factor in toxicity level.  So are the following:

  • Body fat percentage
  • Body mass index
  • Frequency of exposure to toxins
  • Concentration of toxins
  • Diet and eating habits
  • Exercise habits
  • Stress
  • Metabolism
  • Body chemistry

The flaw in our previous approach was not picking weight over any of the other factors.  The flaw was picking any factor and acting as if it is existed in a vacuum.  That is simply not the way the human body works.

Our current approach with the HTNT products is far superior, and it draws attention to how little our competitors know about detoxification because they are still selling the same old, flawed message.

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