When Should I Drug Test My Teen?

The most important key to accurately discovering whether your child has been using drugs is to incorporate a solid drug testing policy within your home. While your children are currently still teenagers, one day they will become working citizens and subject to random drug testing within the workplace. The most successful testing programs include tests that are unannounced as well as announced.

Detox Doctor | Is your teen on drugs?Many parents find that testing their children on an unannounced basis at least four times per year is highly successful in deterring their children from using drugs. This type of policy provides teens with a strong incentive to avoid drugs as well as provide an explanation to friends who may attempt to encourage them to use drugs. In addition, this assures that you are performing the tests frequently enough that in the event your child is using drugs, you will be able to quickly identify it.

There are many different ways in which you can institute a completely random drug testing policy within your home. For example, you may explain to your teens that they will be tested in the event they miss a curfew. You may also establish a policy in which a pair of dice are rolled and in the event a particular number combination comes up, the child will be tested.

Detox Doctor sells affordable at home drug tests can be used on a random and frequent basis anytime you suspect that your child may be using drugs. Reserving the right to test children any time you are concerned about the possible use of drugs is another cornerstone of a strong drug prevention program within the home.

Detox Doctor - Emotional Teen 2The best time of day to utilize a urine drug test is right after your teenager wakes up and before he or she has visited the bathroom. This specific time of morning works well as the toxins in their body will be more concentrated, as opposed to lunchtime, or evening, when the child has urinated several times throughout the day. If necessary; however, urine drug tests like the ones sold at Detox Doctor can be effectively performed at any time during the day with accurate results.

An oral drug test can be effectively used with 24 hours of the time that you suspect your child may have used drugs.

Hair follicle drug tests can be performed at any time.

If you have any questions regarding the proper timing of any of the at home drug tests offered by Detox Doctor, please call us at (316)683-3330 or stop by the Detox Doctor detox shop in Wichita, Kansas at 3700 E. Douglas in Clifton Square shopping village.

When your child or teenager refuses to take a home drug test, it can be easy to get angry. Detox Doctor offers some tips to help you deal with this situation in the next article on the Detox Doctor Blog: What Should You Do If Your Teen Refuses To Take A Drug Test?



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