What Should You Do If Your Teen Refuses To Take A Drug Test?

When your child or teenager refuses to take a home drug test, it can be easy to get angry. Before you fly off the handle, consider approaching your child’s refusal to take a drug test in the same way workplaces as well as schools that institute random drug tests handle these situations. In most schools and workplaces, a refusal to take a drug test is considered the same as a positive drug test result. The same standard should be applied for home drug testing. Rewarding a refusal to take a drug test greatly diminishes the effectiveness of a family drug free policy. One way to handle the issue of a refusal could be for all members of the family to agree to be tested at the same time. This will help the teen to not feel as though he or she has been singled out.

Detox Doctor - Wichita's #1 detox shop!In some cases, with a urine test, the child may say that they are unable to provide the urine sample necessary to perform the test. This can be effectively handled by providing the child fluids to drink and then wait to perform the test until he or she is able to urinate. If the child continues to say that they are not able to provide the sample, he or she should be informed that their refusal to submit to the test will garner the same consequences as a positive test result. It should be understood that practically everyone is able to provide a urine sample after a few hours of taking fluids.

With an oral test there are usually few problems; however, if the child develops dry mouth, feel free to provide him or her with a sip of water. This will not impair the test results.

In most cases with a hair follicle test, hair is collected from the scalp; however, in the event the child does not have any hair on the scalp available for testing, hair can be collected from any area on the body for testing since repeated drug use will show up in all body hair.

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