The Different Types of Home Drug Tests

At Detox Doctor in Wichita Kansas, we sell many different types of drug tests to assist parents in determining which types of substances their teenager may be using. In order to determine which type of test is appropriate for your family, it is important to educate yourself about the different types of tests;

Urine Test
The most widely available type of test is a urine analysis test. This type of test is generally the least expensive type of test. Many parents choose a urine test not only because it is cost effective but also because there are certain types of urine tests that will provide immediate results.

Detox Doctor Introduction To Home Drug TestingA urine test typically requires placing a small amount of urine into a reservoir, or dipping a test strip in a small amount of urine. As the urine moves through the test strip, test results will appear. This type of test works very similar to a home pregnancy test. The one drawback of this test is that it is easier for teenagers to try and ‘cheat’ this test as the urine must be collected in the bathroom, during which time it may not be possible to supervise the urine collection. Depending on the drugs the test is designed for, urine tests have the ability to detect the use of drugs for many days, or in some cases, weeks. This type of test is most effective in situations in which you may believe that your child has used drugs sometime in the recent past. Detox Doctor sells urine tests for as little as $5 everyday at our detox store in Wichita, Kansas at 3700 E. Douglas.

Hair Follicle Test
Hair follicle testing is considered to be far more accurate than urine testing for many reasons. First, a hair sample will provide accurate information about drug use over a longer period of time than urine tests. In addition, it is not as easy to ‘cheat’ a hair follicle test.

Hair follicle tests are typically more expensive than a urine test; however, many parents feel they are worth the extra cost due to the fact that the test will reveal drug use activity over the past several months. The additional cost is due to the fact that the hair sample will need to be sent to a lab for analysis. It should be pointed out; however, that if your child has just begun using drugs in the previous three to five days, this test will not be able to identify drug use. This is because it takes longer than this for new hair to grow that would contain the elements of the drugs which were used.

Detox Doctor Introduction To Home Drug TestingThe type of information that can be gained from hair follicle testing includes how often a drug has been taken as well as the amount of the drug that was detected in the system.

While it is encouraged to let your child know that you are testing them using this type of test, with hair follicle testing, parents do not necessarily need to let their child know they are testing them due to the fact that only a small hair sample is required. Detox Doctor sells the most affordable hair follicle testing kits in the Wichita, Kansas area. Call Detox Doctor at (316)683-3330 if you have questions regarding at-home hair follicle testing kits.

Oral Fluid or ‘Saliva’ Test
Saliva testing requires using a swab to remove saliva from the inside of the mouth of the person who is being tested. The advantage of a saliva based drug test is that this test can seem to be less invasive than urine testing. In addition, just as with hair follicle testing, it is more difficult to cheat a saliva drug test. Saliva testing test is quite simple to use and does not require any expert training to conduct.

Ideally, a saliva test is a good test option to exercise when you believe that your child may have used drugs sometime within the past 24 hours. A common example would be using a saliva test when a child has arrived home past curfew. It should be noted; however, that these test results can sometimes be compromised by a child who chews gum on a frequent basis or who smokes cigarettes. Saliva testing is NOT a viable option for testing your child for long term drug use. For example, it would not detect drug usage several months previously, or even a week previously, if the child has remained ‘clean’ since that time.

If you have any questions about the drug tests listed in this article, or any of our other drug tests or products, please contact Detox Doctor at (316)683-3330 or stop by our Wichita detox store at 3700 E. Douglas in Wichita, Kansas or send us an email to

The most important key to accurately discovering whether your child has been using drugs is to incorporate a solid drug testing policy within your home. Know when to drug test your teen by reading the next article on the Detox Doctor Blog: When Should I Drug Test My Teen?




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