Testing For Drugs, Alcohol & Nicotine At Home

One of the first questions many parents have regarding home drug, alcohol and nicotine testing is whether they are effective. Parents naturally want to be assured that home testing will provide them with reliable results in the event they suspect their child is using drugs, alcohol or smoking cigarettes.

Detox Doctor Home Drug TestsHome drug tests are quite effective and can provide parents with the answers they need regarding whether their children are using drugs or other substances and if so, which ones they are using. Many parents are naturally concerned with whether their children will be able to cheat the test, which is a valid concern. Urine tests are the most susceptible to attempted tampering. Unless a child is carefully observed there the possibility exists that the child could attempt to adulterate the urine sample. To prevent this possibility it is generally a good idea for the child to be observed when providing the urine sample. However, this is something that many children, particularly teens, are likely to not agree to nor feel comfortable with.

Detox Doctor - Home Drug Tests

Observing your child from the time he or she is informed of an impending drug test until it is actually performed will assist in minimizing the chances the child will have to adulterate the test. Constant observation will help to prevent the teen from taking any type of drug detox products that could attempt to foil the results of the test. Drug detox products are used by adults to flush toxins from their bodies to aid in body cleansing programs, or to aid in drug and alcohol detoxification programs. Generally, detox products like the ones we sell at Detox Doctor are available in the form of either tablets or drinks.
When considering which home tests are appropriate for your family, it is important to keep in mind that the accuracy of the test is based on selecting the correct test for the correct situation. Some tests, for example, are only accurate when performed within a certain time period. Call Detox Doctor in Wichita, Kansas at (316)683-3330 to discuss the various types of drug tests that are available and which types of circumstances these drug tests are best performed or stop by our store at 3700 E. Douglas in Wichita, Kansas.

At Detox Doctor in Wichita Kansas, we sell many different types of drug tests to assist parents in determining which types of substances their teenager may be using. To see what test(s) might be perfect for your family, read the next article on the Detox Doctor Blog: The Different Types of Home Drug Tests.



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