Kratom Testimonial by Connie B. sent to Detox Doctor

The following kratom testimonial letter was emailed to Detox Doctor on July 1st, 2013. Connie has been using kratom for several months and has experienced a dramatic change in her life! Here is what she has to say… 

Kratom Testimonial by Connie B.


I just wanted to send you guys a kratom testimonial of my use of kratom and tell you how much kratom has changed my life.


I have suffered from Fibromyalgia for almost a decade. I have seen countless doctors in an effort to ease my pain. It seems that every time I see a new doctor, he disagrees with the previous doctor and puts me on a pain management regimen that works for a little while, then seems to dissipate, eventually getting so bad that it’s like I was never on pain meds at ALL!

My most recent doctor told me that at the rate I have been graduating to more effective pain meds, that I would eventually end up on a methadone regimen! METHADONE!?! This scared me to death! I told my husband that I didn’t care how much pain I was in, that I refused to accept a methadone clinic as my final destination. That is when I started looking into alternative pain management.

Kratom Testimonial by Conni B.

The Discovery of Kratom

When I first heard of kratom, I thought it was a bunch of herbal-remedy mumbo-jumbo like so much other crud that is sold for a quick buck. But, the more I looked into it, the more I read about how it could be a solution for my pain. I started reading online experiences and kratom testimonials from people with Fibromyalgia that had tried using kratom and it worked for them. That is when I decided that I was going to try it for myself.

I didn’t think that kratom could be found anywhere in Wichita, so I ordered a small amount from an online supplier. It took several weeks for the package to reach my door. When it arrived, I really wasn’t impressed with the product that they sent. For the amount of money I spent, I expected more.  However, after using kratom for a couple of days, I realized that it really could be an option for ease my pain. That is when I chose to look for a better supplier. I started investigating different online suppliers and looked all over Wichita to find a local source. That is when I found Detox Doctor.

A thankful body

I’m so thankful you and your staff were able to answer my many questions about kratom. I’m also  thankful that your prices are SO much better than anything I found online. I have been using your “Bali Supreme” kratom for almost three months now and I’ve turned my back on prescription medications. I plan on never returning to “Big Pharma” ever again for my pain.

Recently, we took our family to the water park and I was able to swim, dance and play with my children for the first time in many years! Again, thank you for giving me my life back. I most sincerely can not possibly thank you enough. I hope that my kratom testimonial helps others like me that are looking for more information about kratom.


Connie B.

Thanks for the kratom testimonial Connie! We’re so excited to hear that kratom has changed your life! It truly is amazing when anyone can find an all-natuaral alternative to prescription pain medication that can change their life in a positive way! We hope that your life continues to improve and that you can remain PAIN FREE forever!!!

– Detox Doctor



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