Will a NATURAL Detox Program Work For You?

Being forced to take a drug test can easily become a nuisance. Drug tests are invasive, a breach of personal privacy, and can destroy your career or ENTIRE LIFE in a matter of one afternoon. What you put into your body SHOULD be nobody’s business but your own, but it isn’t. Employers, court systems, schools & social groups can force to you reveal how you spend your personal time. But don’t worry, when it comes to meeting a personal “cleansing deadline” of your urine, blood, body hair or saliva, Detox Doctor in Wichita, Kansas has detox products that can help meeting your “deadline” a little  less daunting. Detox Doctor | Should I naturally detox?

For today’s article, we’re going to focus on marijuana, because of all the common drug toxins, weed stays in your body the longest and is one of the hardest to cleanse. So, can a habitual weed smoker pass a drug test effortlessly? Human science demonstrates the obvious fact that persistent pot smokers aren’t able to pass drug tests nearly as easily as “social” smokers, or, people that smoke pot once or twice a month. Frequent smokers need a long time to reduce and remove THC toxins from their systems. Chronic marijuana smokers need at least a month’s time to pass a test for most urine drug tests. In fact, depending on body weight, the specific individuals percent of body fat and the person’s specific metabolism, some chronic smokers can take 3 months or more to naturally shed all THC toxins from their system. Pot smokers that are in great physical shape that actively exercise on a frequent basis can expect to get much faster NATURAL detox results than those with more fat because marijuana toxins stick to the fat cells of your body, so, less fat means less toxins exist to flush from your body. BUT, what if you’re overweight AND smoke pot on a regular basis? Can you still pass a drug test?Keep reading…

People with bodies that are that are composed primarily of lean muscle are able to shed toxins from their body QUICKLY compared to someone who has a large amount of body fat. Most toxins commonly found in drugs including marijuana attach themselves and store themselves in the fatty tissue of your body. If you are an average sized, habitual smoker who is smoking a couple of joints a day, you would have to wait an entire month or two before the last remnants of THC exits your system. On the other hand, average size individuals who smoke irregularly could pass a drug test in as little as 10 days after abstaining from marijuana use. In short, exercising and staying in shape pays off when it comes to NATURALLY detoxing. The fatty tissues in our bodies burn unpredictably slow, and if you plan on NATURALLY detoxing, that is, detoxing without assistance from a fast-acting detox product like the ones we offer at Detox Doctor, it is important that before you rush off to take a drug test, you conduct an at-home drug test to know your toxin status before you submit a failing urine test that can potentially compromise your job application, current career, or worse, your freedom! People that choose to naturally detox their bodies can fail drug tests for MANY reasons including failure to flush toxins adequately, over-flush of their system by ingesting TOO MUCH water (which shows as a failure on most tests) and more!

Detox Doctor is Wichita's #1 Detox Store! Remember, no two human bodies are the same; the time it takes to shed toxins from your body is not an exact science. Each human body has its own capacity and limits. NATURALLY detoxing is always considered a first option for most people, but unfortunately,  is not an option because of the amount of time before they are REQUIRED to to meet a cleansing deadline. If after reading this article, you decide that your upcoming cleansing deadline is important enough to NOT leave up to chance by naturally detoxing, Detox Doctor offers many detox products at our store that can GUARANTEE your satisfaction. Search our site using the links above, or come into our Detox Doctor, Wichita’s #1 detox store at 3700 E. Douglas in Wichita, Kansas!



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