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Today, drugs are more widely available to teenagers than ever before. In fact, many parents may not even realize the extent to which their teenage children are able to access drugs. While parents often attempt to prevent their children from using drugs by discussing the dangers of drugs with them and even providing them with strategies for saying no to drugs, the fact remains that teens ultimately have free will. Even though it is not the path parents would have their children take, children can and often do make their own decisions regarding the use of drugs.

Parents often find themselves facing the decision of whether they wish to find out for certain whether their child has been using drugs. For many parents this is a difficult and emotional decision that confronts matters of ethics and responsibilities. Detox Doctor home drug tests provide parents with a quick, private and affordable option for finding out whether their children have been using drugs within the privacy of their own home, where the situation can be resolved as a family.

Detox Doctor home drug tests can also be an effective deterrent as part of a comprehensive family drug free policy. Just as random drug tests are frequently used in the workplace and even in schools to prevent the use of drugs, random drug tests can effectively be used in the home environment as a deterrent for teenage drug use.

Detox Doctor Introduction to using home drug tests:

Detox Doctor Introduction To Home Drug TestingStudies indicate that teens are far more likely to reject drugs when they know that their parents do not approve of drug use. Due to this fact, instituting a family drug policy can go a long way to ensuring that your home is drug free and your children are clear on your feelings regarding the use of drugs. As a result, teenagers are more likely to take the issue of drugs more seriously and avoid them.

In the workplace today, stronger efforts have been made to educate workers about the use of drugs and to instill workers with the knowledge that the workplace is expected to be drug free. Employers frequently perform drug screens on a random basis to ensure that their workers are taking their drug-free policy seriously.

Developing a drug-free policy within your home can be simple with a bit of advance planning and commitment. The first step is to ensure that your children are aware of your feelings on the subject. Numerous public service announcements over the years have stressed the importance of discussing drugs with one’s children and doing it early. Talking to your children about drug use can seem to be deceptively simple; however, it can be quite powerful. In fact, talking to your children about the facts of drug use and your feelings on the matter can really make a huge impact regarding whether your children use drugs.

Speaking with your children about drugs once is simply not enough; however. You will need to start a dialogue with your children and keep it ongoing. Keep in mind that these conversations do not need to be formal conversations. They can take place anywhere and at anytime. The key is to make sure that you keep the lines of communication open. Doing so will ensure that your children will feel comfortable about discussing the pressures they may be under to use drugs and will additionally feel comfortable coming to you when they are presented with a crisis. These conversations will demonstrate to your child that you love them and are concerned enough about their health and well-being to be an active and involved parent.

Detox Doctor Introduction To Home Drug TestingConversations with your teen about drug use should be followed up by incorporating drug testing into your home’s drug-free policy. While verbalizing your stance on drug use can be quite powerful, it may not be enough in some cases. While your children will likely be hesitant about random drug testing, it is important to communicate with your children and let them know that you are instituting this policy to ensure their future health, happiness and safety.

Ideally, it is best to institute a family drug policy sooner rather than later. This includes random drug testing. Of course, it is never too late to institute a policy; however, the sooner it becomes a routine part of your child’s life the more you will be able to reduce the chance that they will become involved with drugs.

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