How To Tell If Your Teen Is On Drugs

Often, parents have nothing more to go on than a creeping feeling that ‘something is up’ with their teen; however, most parents simply aren’t sure whether their child may be using drugs or not. Parents are often concerned about introducing such a sensitive subject to their child if, in fact; there is a chance that they are wrong about their suspicions. It is a good idea for parents to understand some of the most common warning signs that their teenager may be using drugs. There are several warning signs that parents can be on the alert for in teenagers. Watching for the signs of drug use in teenagers is imperative because due to the fact that they are still children, teens often do not understand the idea of addiction. As a result, they will frequently deny they are using drugs.

Detox Doctor | Is your teen on drugs?Generally, teenagers begin using drugs because they are exposed to them by other teens. Drugs provide a way for teens to escape from reality. While the teen years are often viewed as one of the best times in one’s life, the fact remains that the teen years can be stressful and emotional. Even in teens with a ‘good’ family situation and relatively few problems, there can be tremendous pressure. This can often make the allure of drugs too easy to resist for teenagers who may be looking for a way to escape the pressure presented by academics, athletics and even social relationships. Withdrawal is typically the first sign of drug use in teens. Teens that are using drugs may spend an inordinate amount of time in their room. In addition, they may increase the amount of time they spend with friends or even suddenly begin hanging out with an entirely different set of new friends. Teens who are using drugs may also exhibit behavior that may be described as reckless. They may appear to have no concern for consequences or even for their own future. Many teens may also stop caring about personal hygiene. They may neglect their appearance and have a generally unkempt look.

There are also other physical changes that may appear in teens that are using drugs. These changes may include:

Detox Doctor | Is your teen on drugs?

  • Skin abrasions
  • Unexplained accelerated weight gain/loss
  • Eyes that appear to be ‘glassy’
  •  Red eyes; excessive use of eye wash
  • Slurring words, difficulty speaking
  • Change in sleep patterns
  • Persistent couggh
  • Fatigue

Frequently, teenagers will find they must uncover a way to pay for their drugs as their addiction becomes more pronounced. In order to pay for their addiction, they may begin to sell items that they formerly valued or even resort to stealing money. Parents frequently report that their teenagers continually ask for money when they are using drugs. In the event your teenager has exhibited any of the above signs, a home drug test may be a viable solution for you. Detox Doctor offers affordable at-home drug tests that test for most common drugs quickly and privately for as little as $6, which is a small amount to pay for a parent’s peace of mind. Detox Doctor, Wichita’s #1 detox store in Clifton Square Shopping Village is open Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM and Saturday 12PM-4PM and can be reached at (316)683-3330 or by email at

Drug testing at home is not without its emotional challenges and issues. Read the next Detox Doctor Blog article: Emotional Issues of Home Drug Testing.




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