Emotional Issues of Home Drug Testing

Drug testing at home is not without its emotional challenges and issues. Many parents are concerned with the idea that drug testing at home could violate the trust upon which families are established. It should be understood that when a child begins to use drugs, trust is often the first casualty of what is, in every essence, a war. Even children that have previously been described as ‘a good kid’ will frequently resort to lying once they begin using drugs. While it would be wonderful if we could always, as parents, believe everything that our children tell use; this is simply not always the case. Drug use corrodes the very trust that families are built upon; spawning dishonesty and denial.

Home Drug Testing Teen AngerTo the young drug user, lying can quickly and far too easily become a way of life. Even families that have previously been close, loving and caring can find that their love is not enough to overcome this fact.

A home drug test, like the ones we sell at Detox Doctor, can provide families with a solid and objective method for establishing whether a child has or has not used substances recently. It is only through these infallible results that you can know for certain whether your teenager is, in fact, telling you the truth regarding whether they have used drugs or not. In the event the drug test is negative, it can serve as reinforcement for communication that is honest and open between children and parents.

A positive drug test will provide a call to action for ceasing the end of substance abuse and provide parents with the stimulus they need to seek help for their children. Parents who are involved and informed are better able to help their children grow up to be happy, healthy and drug-free.

Furthermore, it is important to understand that checking-up on your teenage children is not a violation of their rights or privacy. Chances are, you already check-up on your children in various manners. You may double-check with another parent to ensure that your child really is staying there overnight. Most parents who are involved in their children’s lives will follow-up regarding the details of a party a child may be attending to ensure that chaperons will be provided just as caring, concerned parents often follow-up to make sure a child has completed their homework.

Home drug testing is simply an extension of the love and caring that you feel for your children in wishing to make sure that they are safe and healthy. It is part of your parental responsibility and one that should not be abdicated in the face of the dangers posed to today’s teens.

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Parents should be prepared for the fact that teens will be resistant to the idea of drug testing. Whether or not they are using drugs, they will likely rebel against the idea. They may claim that you do not love or trust them. They may accuse you of violating their rights and privacy. This should not come as a surprise to parents. Teenagers are rarely receptive to rules that are meant to help guide them and keep them safe.

It is quite likely that your teenagers are resistant to the idea of a curfew and the presence of a chaperone during parties. They may appear to resent it when you double-check to make sure they have really completed their homework, cleaned their room or performed their chores. This is a common part of the parent-child dynamic. It should not deter you from proceeding with your plans. Just as you would not change a child’s curfew or the requirement that they do their homework simply because they resist the idea, you should not deviate from your plans to institute a family drug testing policy.

Obviously, no parent wants to believe that their child may be using drugs. Being certain of the truth and having the knowledge to act on it; however, is vital to ensuring the health and safety of your child. Gaining vital information through home drug testing can give you the knowledge you need to help your child and possibly save them from a life as a drug addict or from spending time in jail as a result of their substance abuse. While it may feel as though a home drug test is an invasion of your child’s privacy, the truth of the matter is that a home drug test could save your child from a future of having their entire life invaded by drug dependency.

If you feel that you are ready to explore a home drug testing policy in your home, Detox Doctor sells the most reliable and affordable at-home drug testing kits that are available for as little as $5. Come by our Detox Doctor detox store in Wichita, Kansas at 3700 E. Douglas or call us at (316)683-3330.

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