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 Detoxify is #1!

That’s what they all say. In fact, it seems like every company claims to have the best detox product. So we invite you to put Detoxify to the test….

How can we claim to have the best detox products? There are many reasons: our expertise, our time in detox, our commitment to research, our many innovations, our unsurpassed quality…the list goes on.

But the truth is that we don’t have to make that claim – millions of people like you who have used Detoxify Brand products successfully do our talking for us.

They put Detoxify to the test, and so can you!

Detoxify Product Line


How our expertise works for you.

Cleansing is important to you, and your health and happiness is important to us. Toxins and impurities are everywhere. Our environments, food, and lifestyle choices make us toxic. We know how important it is to you to be clean, and that is why detoxification is all that we do.

We know the body. We know the herbs that help cleanse the system. We know the cleansing process. And we use that expertise to make sure that every Detoxify Brand product gives you the maximum cleansing benefit.

How our time in detox works for you.

Getting clean is important. You want a product that has stood the test of time. Detoxify’s first product came to market in 1994, and we’ve been cleansing toxins and impurities for people like you ever since. 15 years after we started, Detoxify Brand products like Ready CleanXxtra Clean, and Mega Clean keep on delighting our customers every single day.

How our commitment to research works for you.

You can’t trust your cleansing program to snake oil. That’s why we have engaged in ongoing research for years with nutritionists, food scientists, herbalists, and nationally-recognized labs. Our products have been researched, studied, and tested. Detoxify does research you can count on, and provides products you can trust.

How our innovations work for you.

Why should your cleansing program be any more difficult than it needs to be? We are constantly innovating to bring you products that work AND are enjoyable to use. Detoxify drinks like Ready Clean, Xxtra Clean, and Mega Clean are ready-to-drink and easy. Detoxify Fast & Clean capsules are convenient and portable. We’re always thinking about how to help you get all of the cleansing benefits with no hassle. That’s the real test of innovation.

How our unsurpassed quality works for you.

We don’t take making ingestible herbal cleansing products lightly. You trust us by putting Detoxify in your body. You trust your cleansing needs to Detoxify. And we honor that trust by only using the highest quality ingredients, in time-tested formulations. Detoxify Brand products are made in accredited facilities in the United States. We pay attention to details so you don’t have to.

Detoxify worked for millions of people just like you.
Detoxify works for you. So be smart – choose Detoxify