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When it’s time to depend on detox products to help clean your system and jump-start a healthy lifestyle, our line of detox products can assist you in reaching your personal cleansing deadline affordably and QUICKLY.

Detox Doctor only stocks products that have been proven to work. Many of our detox products come with a manufacturer’s 100% Money Back Guarantee. The detox products we sell are FDA approved and come with full instructions to guide you through proper usage.

Detox Doctor sells brands such as Detoxify, Vale, Zydot and other top-quality detox products. Our Detox products are available in capsule and powder form as well as popular premixed drinks. Click on each logo below to go to the manufacturers website…


For more than 20 years, Detoxify has been one of the world’s leading manufactures of detox products selling over 20 MILLION units worldwide! Detoxify’s success is due to the fact that their products work! Detoxify manufacturers several product options including capsules, teas, concentrates and pre-mixed drinks. Click here to visit


Vale Enterprises is committed to keeping you healthy by creating the world’s premiere detoxification supplements. Vale’s nutritional supplements assist your body’s own natural detoxification system in neutralizing and eliminating unwanted, unhealthy toxins. If you are committed to living a healthy lifestyle, losing weight, increasing your metabolism and energy levels, Vale has the supplements you need to reach your goal.┬áVale products have a sterling reputation and they stand behind them completely. Click here to visit


Zydot has been selling world-class detox products since 1987 and singlehandedly battled the FDA as well as numerous other federal, state and local agencies to survive. Zydot products are known for their potency and their ability to work in a very short amount of time regardless of the body weight of the subject using the product. Click here to visit