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Detox Doctor is now Wichita’s most trusted detox shop in the Wichita area! Our selection of detox products is one of the very best in the Wichita area while keeping our prices as affordable as possible.

When it comes time to quickly rid your body of toxins, our staff is here to help. We’ll pick the perfect product to fit your specific needs so that you meet your cleansing deadline. We guarantee 100% anonymity. Many of our products come coupled with a manufacturers money back guarantee that ensure results. Our staff will walk you through the proper usage of our products before you leave our store. We know that there are many different detox shops in the Wichita area, but we’re sure you’ll find out why Detox Doctor is the #1 detox shop in Wichita.

Products we carry…

Some of the products you’ll be able to find at Detox Doctor include:

  • Detox drinks by manufacturers including Detoxify, Vale, Zydot are available.
  • Detox capsules and pills for every detox need from Detoxify, High Voltage, Vale, Zudot and more.
  • Shampoos that deep clean the follicles of your hair, leaving your hair toxin-free.
  • Home drug & toxin tests to ensure your body is absolutely toxin free.
  • Synthetic urine for making sure the tests you are using are accurate in addition to controlled properly.
  • Ethnobotanicals including kratom, kava kava, blue lotus flower are available in our store

Detox Doctor can help most individuals achieve a toxin free and healthy state within 24 hours even in light of the toxins in their body. We have a selection of unique, fast-acting products that work! When you’re done using our detox drinks or capsules, try using one of our home drug & toxin screening kits to ensure you’ve met your cleansing goals.

Ready to start living a toxin-free life and also start feeling better? Stop worrying about the proper detox products to purchase. Call us today.

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NOTE: None of the products found on this website or in our stores should be used without the previous consultation of your doctor not to mention ANY medical advice sought on the internet.. Do not use the information on this website in place of the advice of a physician. In the event that you’re looking for information regarding ethnobotanicals, please do your research before purchasing any products.